Friday, January 20, 2012

New Beginnings! :)

New to blogging-- kind of new to business-- but DEFINITELY not new to art! I've been an artist of many mediums for many years now.

I put together scrapbooks... I make greeting cards... I paint... I draw... I sculpt... I've dabbled in screen printing... I knit... I crochet... I make Christmas ornaments, both classy and kitschy... I turn buttons into really cool things... I make dolls... and (most importantly, of late) I make jewelry!

Let me put it this way. I've been called "The Queen of Crafts" more than once, by different people. I'm kind of like Martha Stewart, back when she actually *made* all the things she has on her website ;)

To get things started, here is my latest project-- cast on earlier this evening, I've been knitting and watching REALLY BAD horror movies. Hubby and I just finished "The Demon Bat," starring Bela Lugosi. These mittens seem like a quick-knit, courtesy of a vintage knitting book (thank you for the gift, Mom!)--

 Looking forward to a future full of blog posts <3

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