Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Thirty-One, Can't Believe I'm All Done!

So today's entry is bittersweet-- the end of the month, the last day of my personal challenge to make a pair of earrings each day.

I'm happy because it will let me pursue other projects that I've been meaning to do, and had to put off day after day; I'm sad because I truly loved pushing myself to create something new every single day.

Since part of the goal of this challenge was to increase my earring-making skills, I decided to push the envelope a bit. Today's design was inspired by something that I found on Pinterest (from not an exact replica, of course, but I'm way too tired to find the link tonight. I'll try to do it tomorrow.

In any case, here they are: the last of the Mohicans... er... the daily earring updates...~

These earrings are made out of brass wire, brass figaro chain, and small round onyx beads. All the non-chain elements were made by myself, from hand. No autographs, please!

Seriously, though, I'm proud of myself. Not only did I create a pair of earrings for every single day of the month... not only did I improve on the quality of my earring construction... I also took photos and blogged every single day! This was a month of true self-improvement.

As I used to tell my parents when I was little, "You can say 'Good Job, Julia'!"

What's next for me, and what's in store for you, all my faithful readers? Well, for the month of April I'm taking part in another post-a-day challenge-- the A to Z blog hop! Basically, I'll be posting every day of the week except for Sunday (unless I truly feel inspired~!); every day of the month is assigned a different letter.

In other words, I'll be blogging my way through the alphabet, and will touch on, well, pretty much anything and everything related to my art interests.

Again, today is bittersweet. I'm upset about being all done with the earrings, but I'm very excited to start a new challenge for this month. And I'm looking forward to taking all of you along with me on this special journey.

See you tomorrow~ and don't forget to say "Rabbit Rabbit" when you first get out of bed!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Thirty, Time to Party!

Cheers from both myself and Hubby~!
  ...Okay, so it's not a perfect rhyme, but it's more fitting than anything else I could think of.

Today we celebrate the (almost) end of my month of earrings. I have one day left, but I couldn't think of a more fitting time to throw a mini-party with my readers. See, I have reached over 1,000 page views to this blog. I am almost up to 50 posts. And I'm starting up a new post-a-day challenge as of Sunday!

Today's post kills two birds with one stone, metaphorically speaking. My earring-of-the-day is part of the special giveaway that I've been hinting about for a while now. SURPRISE!


First, the materials. The black beads are glass (the smaller ones) and ceramic (the REALLY small ones on the earrings, and the larger round ones), and the colorful beads are made by myself, out of comic book paper. Archie, to be specific-- I wanted that "retro" feel. Coated in Mod Podge, of course, to make them a bit more water resistant. The ear wires are made from Sterling Silver, so you can wear them without fear of the dreaded "green skin" syndrome!

One lucky winner will get both the earrings and the bracelet. Leave a comment on this post for your chance to win-- I'll be choosing the name at random on Sunday, April 8th, around 12 PM (aka "Noon") Eastern Standard Time, so be sure to put your name in before then!

I'll be announcing the winner on the blog, so I STRONGLY recommend that you follow the blog in some way (either Google Friend Connect or Linky Followers or RSS or whatever you choose). If the prize remains unclaimed after a reasonable amount of time (I'm not talking one day late, guys!), I'll draw a different name.

I'm super excited to be offering these items to all of you. Please don't hesitate to ask if there are any questions about this. Good luck, godspeed, and thank you for helping to make this blog as amazing as it is! I "luff" you all, as one of my friends often says <3

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Twenty-Nine, Time to Shine!

Wow... you all must have been hitting the refresh button HARD... I'm almost to 1,000 page views! Which means I'll be posting all about this special giveaway tomorrow. I can't wait!

To tide everyone over, here are the earrings of the day:

Trusty old teacup~! This one probably shows off the color best...

But THIS photograph probably best shows off the marbleized detailing in the agate.
The color of the square agate is actually more of a deep purple, and the round agate is more of a bright pink/magenta.
So as you may have surmised through my comments under the photos, this pair was made with two tones of agate-- pink on the top, and purple on the bottom. Both of them have a marbleized effect; the pink sphere has undertones of red and purple, and the purple square has accents of tan and deeper purple.

I'm hoping to get to do a great deal of artwork tomorrow-- earrings and jewelry and clay and resin, oh my! And most importantly, I will almost assuredly be posting all about a special giveaway tomorrow. Keep your eyes and ears peeled~ as I frequently say, stolen from a favorite show of mine~ same Bat Time, same Bat Channel~!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day Twenty-Eight, Moving Along at a Fantastic Rate!

So, I have an exciting bit of news. I'm getting awfully close to 1,000 page views for this blog! While these are mostly repeat views from my faithful viewers, it's a very exciting milestone for me. When I reach 1,000 page views, I'll announce a special giveaway. It should be very soon, at the rate we're going on this blog!

Keeping this blog entry short and sweet. Here's the latest and greatest earrings:

Side By Side By Side, to quote a musical~

I love my trusty old teacup and piano bench...

And a new photographic surface emerges-- the cherry wood silverware box!
 Back to the pearls, I know-- it's just so hard for me to stay away! These ones are two different colors and shapes of freshwater pearls-- golden and dark brown, imperfect and oval and irregularly round. I made these to match a necklace that I designed a while back...

A matching pair of pearls-- shades of brown, just like autumn!
This is one of my favorite sets! My mother-in-law wore it to her church's Lenten Bible Study meeting tonight, and got *MANY* compliments. I have four sets of pearls that are similar in style but different in color, that one of my friends described as a "set for all seasons"-- this includes the green one previously posted, as well as this brown one, and two sets that I haven't shown yet on this blog, one of blues and another of browns and pinks.

Since this set (and the green one) turned out so well, I'll have to do the same for the others another day. See you all tomorrow~!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Twenty-Seven... Learning Resin!

I want to start making my own beads and jewelry components. The other day I picked up a kit to make resin jewelry. I have all the necessary supplies... now I just need to feel well enough to do it.

If it turns out well, I'll post the results (proudly) on this blog. If not, well... there's a site for failed projects that just might be calling my name. If it comes to that I will probably be very upset.

Anyway, I'm still under the weather, but I'm proud of myself for being so productive today. Here are the earrings:

I nicknamed these "Double Jade", since the two beads used are two types of jade. There's teal jade for the bottom, and blue jade for the top!
Now, I usually try to get at least a few different views of my jewelry, to show it off to the best it can be. Unfortunately, this is all you're going to get for now.

The camera did not pick up the color of the jade as well as I'd like. The one on the top-- the smaller bead-- is a dark blue, and it came out more of a black color. The one on the bottom is teal and white, and came out looking like a gunmetal grey-blue.

Today's earrings have been a complete Color Fail.

At least they're gorgeous in person. And at least the photo doesn't look *terrible*~ it just doesn't show up the colors as well as I'd like.

If I ever get a better photograph of these earrings, I will gladly show these earrings off again. In the meantime, have a great evening, and I'll see you all again tomorrow!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Twenty-Six, Still Taking My Licks...

I'm starting to think that perhaps I'm doomed to a life spent in bed...

Oh well. At least I've had some great television to keep me company!

Today's earrings are incredibly simple-- no frills, nothing elaborate, nothing overly fancy.

These earrings remind me of a pair I had as a teenager-- I got them as a souvenir when we went to Disney~
 Nothing but sterling silver and blue freshwater pearls. They're not baby blue or sky blue-- more like a cool grey-ish blue. But those who know me, know that I love everything blue, no matter the shade!

They're so simple, it's ridiculous!
 Personally, I like my earrings to be a bit bigger, to have a little more "heft", but I know that not all my customers and clients feel the same way.

Tomorrow's pair, I'm going to try to stay away from pearls. I promise!

No matter the design I end up creating, I have some big announcements to make over the next few days. Can't wait to let you all know about my big plans-- see you on the flip side of the moon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Twenty-Five, And I'm Still Alive!

... but barely. It's been a rough week or so...

This post will be a quick one, since I'm feeling majorly under the weather.

I love the details on the stones!
Those who read both the personal and business blogs can recognize the Chrysocolla beads that I posted about just the other day!

I remember the name of this stone, for one reason only-- because I have a friend named Chrissy, and all I have to do is pretend that she loves Cola!
I love the way it seems to change color in different lighting~

These earrings are quite simple-- sterling silver spacers, plus the Chrysocolla stones, all hung by a sterling silver wire on sterling silver ear hooks.

They sound all fancy-schmancy when I list all the component parts! Seriously, though, I love today's earrings. They're the kind of style that I would wear every single day, because the stones have enough shades of blue and green that I could easily match 3/4 of my wardrobe~!

One more day down. I can't believe I'm almost done with these personal challenges!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day Twenty-Four, It Never Rains But it Pour(s)

So much has been going on with me lately, not the least of which has been my health. Endometriosis is always a yo-yo... sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. I've spent over a week now with elevated pain levels, and there's nothing to be done about it. I'm still making my earrings every day, and I'm still putting together posts every day, but it's hard for them to actually get put *up* every day.

Thankfully, I have an amazing family and supportive friends, who understand what is going on and have been giving me some LOVELY recommendations for things to watch while I'm bed-ridden! I just finished watching every single episode of "Bones" available on Netflix, and am working my way through the first season of Downton Abbey. Next up, I'm going to finish "United States of Tara"~ is there anything else out there that you think I absolutely have to see?

Anyway, onto the earrings.

A friend suggested that I name them after her-- "Yosie's Choice"-- because they're her kind of style~!

Sterling Silver spacers surround and separate two delicate pink beads-- one perfectly round freshwater pearl, and one cool and smooth rose quartz.

Still experimenting with different photo surfaces...
I don't know what I'd do without this teacup!
I have some exciting news to post, both on here and the business blog. Stay tuned!

Another Quick Commercial Announcement~

Again, we interrupt your regularly scheduled jewelry viewing for this quick commercial announcement.

Natalie, over at NKP Designs, is hosting a super-fun giveaway. She is offering a HAND-CRAFTED WHISTLE-- yes, you heard that correctly!-- she made a real working whistle out of clay, and is giving one away to a lucky reader.

How gorgeous and cool is this?!?! I didn't win the bead giveaway that I posted about last week, so I'm hoping that my good luck will help me with this one!

Click here to be taken to the page that details exactly how you can win the whistle. Even if you don't enter, if you're into beads, you should seriously check her work out. Her bead designs are truly lovely-- the kind of thing that you save up your money to purchase. Which is what I'll be doing quite soon, if all goes according to the plan.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Next up? You guessed it... MORE EARRINGS!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day Twenty-Three, A Shopping Spree!!

And by "shopping spree," I mean that we got some new stones-- some stones I've been looking at for quite some time with wistful longing!

I was feeling quite down-in-the-dumps about a few things today, all of them related to one thing~ my health. Things are getting more complicated with my Endometriosis; my "bad days" now outnumber the "good" ones, and I'm spending an increasing amount of time bedridden and nauseous from the pain. Which means I'm missing out on life's events, both big and small.

Hubby knew I was upset about this, and came home with a FABULOUS "care package" for me. Most of it was consumed with great deliciousness; the beads (which are beautiful but not quite edible) will be posted up on the business blog as soon as I'm done over here.

In any case, onto the earrings!

I think this officially counts as a "streak" of pearly posts...
These lovely pearls were designed to match the necklace that was posted on Valentine's Day:

Honestly, while this photo isn't horrible, I'm glad to see that I've improved my photography techniques quite a bit!
The set is made from freshwater pearls; shades of green and gold meet an irregular white oval at the focal point of the necklace. For the earrings, I chose to use only the "accent" pearls, as you can see below:

I'm experimenting with a different background for the earrings-- this one shows up fairly true to color~!
I love these earrings, and I love the set they belong to. However, tomorrow I am going to try my absolute hardest NOT to make another pearl earring set. As much as I love working with pearls, I think three days in a row is quite enough of that, thankyouverymuch.

Until tomorrow, faithful readers~!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day Twenty-Two, I'm Feeling Blue!

... blue earrings, that is!

Those who know me, know that my most-favorite color is royal blue, but there is a place in my heart for all the colors of blue-- the bright sky, the dark rolling ocean, the brilliance of a sapphire, the softness of a seashell, the serenity of a Caribbean sea-- each and every one of them is special in its own way.

These earrings are inspired by the warm seas near the Equator:

They remind me of something "Ariel" from "A Little Mermaid" might wear, if she were all grown up!

I used sterling silver spacers to create a "balled" effect on the bottom; both stones are freshwater pearls. I love the color of the blue pearls, and the interesting shape of the white squares!

This photo shows off the colors much more accurately than the first~

These earrings are the kind that I wear-- very much a reflection of my own personal style. They were originally planned to be a black and white pair, to match some necklaces I made recently, but I couldn't resist throwing in the dash of blue. Like I said earlier, my all-time favorite color. Perhaps I will create a necklace to match these earrings, instead of the other way around~!

Yet another day of my challenge is complete. See you all tomorrow~

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day Twenty-One, A Tale Has Been Spun

As much as I love making a pair of earrings every single day, there are some days when I'm sick and only have enough energy for a single project. I am very happy that I challenged myself in this way, and I'm even happier with the results~ but I'll be glad to have the time to make other things!

Today's earrings were created to match a necklace that Hubby made, called "Fish Kisses." I'll post a photo of the necklace when he stops holding all the jewelry hostage...

As my high school Spanish teacher would say, it's all about the "Escoochi Smoochi"~!
With garnet hearts, and freshwater pearls that are shaped like fish, this whimsical design is equal parts classy and fun!

Hubby and I have crazy nicknames for each other-- it's truly a long story as to how they came about, and even if I had the time to tell you, I'm pretty sure it's one of those "had to be there" moments. Perhaps one day I'll figure out how to explain the story... but for now, suffice to say that one of the pet names that we call each other is "Fish."

It's a term of endearment.

I'm not going to lie, I had WAY too much fun "posing" the earrings for this photo!

Anyway, Hubby found these beads at our supply shop, and he knew right away that he had to get them. The hearts, he knew, could be used for many designs because they coordinated so well with many different stones and colors. In fact, you all saw them the other day, matched up with the rose quartz beads!

The fish, on the other hand, he knew would be used for something special-- as he told me the day he got them, they are just as fun, and almost as unique, as the woman who would be using them. Such a charmer, he is. And so smart, too~ he knows which hand is going to toss pellets into the tank, metaphorically speaking!

This design is special to me, because it is an enduring symbol of our love for each other. Like the fish in the earrings, I want to stay together forever as a pair, showing our love and affection until the end of time itself.

Thank you for all the love you give me, my darling Fish <3

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day Twenty, Earrings A-Plenty

So today's earrings are VERY simple designs-- nothing fancy, and not my most intricate work!-- but that was not their primary purpose. Rather, they were created to coordinate with a necklace and bracelet that I made late last night. My first full set!

Giving a big "shout-out" to my friend Megan, who let me borrow this book. Not only is the book itself interesting, it is absolutely PERFECT for jewelry photos! Love ya' Meggie <3

For the set itself, I used small seed beads in three colors-- a green-ish teal, a  faded yellow, and a bright electric yellow-- all three of them translucent, like beach glass. I used bigger seed beads, in a shade of bright green, to vary the texture of the pieces. I used black ceramic beads, smooth and round, to help accent the bright yellow glass beads used as focal beads for the set.

These earrings are ready for their close-up!

I chose not to use the large glass beads for these earrings for a few reasons. I was going to elaborate, but my list got eaten by an angry Blogging Monster who had a bone to pick with me. He's a big bully... he should pick on someone his own size ~!

Although that begs the question of what a Blogging Monster *looks* like, and causes me to wonder just how big they are. Can anyone verify their existence as a species? Or are they in the same category as "Big Foot" and "Sasquatch" and "Nessie"?

... When bloggers start creating their own nemeses, you know that it's way too late to be putting together a post. Looks like it's my bedtime, guys... see you tomorrow!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day Nineteen, Fit for a Queen

Alright, so I didn't drop off the "bandwagon" entirely, I've just had a rough few days, health-wise. I've been bed-bound the majority of the time, and I've *written* blog posts for every single day, but I haven't been able to actually put them "live".

I don't have a lot of energy, so I apologize for the brevity of these posts.

Today's earrings are designed to match a necklace that Hubby made. He is still holding most of our jewelry captive-- still trying to take photos of it-- but I'll see if I can grab the necklace for a short bit.

Not my best work, as a photographer, but I'm very proud of them as earrings <3

The earrings are made by hand, with brass wire. Ear wires and everything else was made by me-- and I put a faceted jade bead, colored teal in the middle of the spirals.

Thank goodness I'm done with the "teens"~ onto the last third of this challenge!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day Eighteen, And I'm Keen...

...Keen to get done with the damn "teens" already~ it's not easy to come up with a unique rhyme for every single day of the month, especially when seven of them have the same last syllable!

Anyway, so much to do, so little time...

Still going strong with this challenge, though I feel like Hermione's Time Turner would help me out quite a bit, the way things have been going! Here are today's pair of earrings:

These are one of my more "dainty" designs...

You can't see the detail as much as I'd like-- it's super-hard to capture the color of the garnet, without it appearing black!-- and when you get a better "shot" of the color, the design (aka the shape of the bead) seems to vanish. Oh well-- here's a look at those details~

Ugh... I never like photos of my hands!!!

This pair is made out of rose quartz and heart-shaped garnet, designed to match a pendant that Hubby is designing. Perfect for the love of your life!

Tomorrow I'm going to a local crafts fair to see if it is a place where my jewelry will "fit in". Fingers crossed~!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tree Wings Studio Giveaway, Times Three!!!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a quick commercial announcement...

Rebekah, over at Tree Wings Studio, is sponsoring an amazing giveaway! She is giving away three different sets of her beads to three lucky winners... so generous! All three are amazingly gorgeous, but my absolute favorite one has to be her "Sunshine and Rainbows" beads.

She'll be announcing the winner on March 22, so keep those appendages crossed~! And send me all the good karma/prayers/vibes/rubber chickens you can spare.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Sixteen, There's a Special Sheen

Ugh... I finally get the camera fixed, and Hubby is hogging it tonight~!

Oh well. At least he's taking photos of our jewelry, so I'll have photos to add before the night is over.

Today's pair of earrings are quite lovely, in shades of purple! This pair features pink amethyst, oval-shaped and faceted, flanked by two small beads of white quartz and two smooth round amethysts, in two different sizes.

Photo will be attached as soon as Hubby takes peek-tures.

Tomorrow is market day... so excited! I'll let you all know how things go. See you tomorrow, amigos!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day Fifteen... My Energy is Lean...

Today was very fun, and incredibly busy, but not too productive. One of my very dear friends came over today for what we call "Girly Crafty Day"-- a day where we sit and talk and create whatever inspires us that day!

Or, better put, we originally INTENDED to have said "Girly Crafty Day."

Instead, we ended up watching a documentary (one of my favorites-- "Babies"!) and some TV episodes (introduced her to "Bones")... then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and had a day of leisurely browsing. I talked to one store about potentially selling our jewelry, and bought three really cool books from the local used book store. I'll post about them quite soon~

In any case, here are the earrings for today. This pair is a little different than anything else I've made-- I used two translucent white seed beads and one large black angular seed bead to accent beautiful coral beads. I was lucky to find two pieces of approximately the same size and thickness and color-- almost as lucky as the person who will eventually get to wear them!

Yo-HO-HO and a... box of cigars?
They kind of look like dutch shoes here...
And like a skirt here. Such versatility!

As you can see, the camera is all better now-- hip Hip HOORAY!-- so I'll be taking LOTS of photos tomorrow. Yay! *waves flag*

Hope everyone is having a great week so far... one more day is through!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Fourteen-- "How Not To Be Seen"

Okay, for the last time, I PROMISE to get my camera up and running~!

So I'm still going strong with my personal challenge of an earring a day, and a blog post a day. I'm very proud of myself, but I think I'll take a break from earrings after this month! For next month, instead, I'm going to go in a different direction. I think I'll borrow from Monty Python and go for something "completely different."

... Or at least, slightly different...

... Perhaps mildly dissimilar?

No matter how you phrase it, next month I'm participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. The premise is quite simple: a whole bunch of bloggers get together, and post one blog post for every day of the month (except for Sundays, with the first Sunday being an exception since it's the first of the month). The idea is, each day that we post, we are inspired by a different letter in the alphabet, moving from A to Z.

I am ridiculously excited about this... I've already started scheming about the posts! *taps fingers together*

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day Thirteen, and Technology's Mean :(

So, there's a post today, but no photos yet.

Why, you ask? Because my camera is still out of commission, unfortunately. Hope to fix this by tomorrow~!

In any case, today's pair is a lovely blue, of course. Sterling silver ear wires, and blue jade. What a great combination!

PS- As as side note- I wonder how long I can keep up the rhymes....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Twelve- I Truly Delve!

So, first things first~ the earrings of the day!

Today's pair is a special request from a friend of mine. These are brass wires, wrapped in a spiral, and ending in an onyx teardrop. I plaon recreating these in sterling silver quite soon~ and while I know that you all think the model is OH SO ATTRACTIVE, this photo doesn't show the detail as well as I'd like... so more photographs will be attached tomorrow.

And now for something completely different.

I wanted to thank all my friends and family, and those who have visited me here, for being so supportive. Since posting about my health a couple weeks ago, I have received so much love from so many people, both on here and in real life. It means the world to me, and keeps me smiling when things get hard. Since then, as always, I have had good days and bad days... and the thing that keeps me going when things get tough is the idea that I will always have people in my life who support what I do.

When Hubby and I were watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix, and reliving our youth, the Vulcan character (Tuvok) said something that truly resonated within me. I was surprised to enjoy a quote from this particular character, since I am pretty much the anti-Vulcan for the most part.

"Do not mistake composure for ease." 

My life has challenges, but I always try to hold myself together as well as I can. I always try to keep my head up, and keep going. Many people say that they would never have known that I was unwell, had I not told them. I don't like to complain, and I don't enjoy showing my weaknesses to people. Some seem to think that because I don't show these feelings, that I'm perfectly fine.

Even when I'm at my worst-- no, ESPECIALLY when I'm feeling my worst-- I always try to make things seem much better than they truly are.

This does not mean that I feel any less unwell... just that I try to hold myself together as best I can. And the two things that truly help me to do that, are the important people in my life, and my art. Those two things help me keep my composure through the worst of times.

What inspires *you* to keep going, when all you want to do is stop? <3

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day Eleven, Earring Heaven~


... every so often, we all need to be our own cheerleader. That's just the truth~!

Anyway, here's my latest pair, made today. Was not feeling great, so I didn't have time for my fancy or pretty pictures yet. I'll add a few more tomorrow, if time/energy allows. All glass beads, with some kind of metal for "joy"~

These are the "sister" earrings to the ones I made that said "hope." I keep making these because I got a lot of these charms a while back... and while these aren't my favorite earrings ever, the message is important today. I did way too much yesterday, and as a result spent most of the day curled up in bed. It's days like this that it's important to have a little slice of joy and whimsy.

Hope you all had a great day, at least, and I look forward to a better tomorrow!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day Ten, Let's Do It Again!

Day ten of my personal challenges, and I'm still going strong! Earrings du jour:

This teacup has become my new best friend...

This beautiful pair is a personal favorite of mine~ lapis lazuli centers, flanked by golden freshwater pearls (shaped like doughnuts, yum yum!) and small black onyx beads. They were designed to coordinate with a necklace that I had in mind for a while, and finally finished up today as well.

The lapis lazuli is a little out of focus here, but it gives you an idea of the colors against a darker surface~

Now, I absolutely LOVE this set. I love the way it looks, I love the stones, and I love the colors. But I have to admit that when I saw them on the neck form... no matter how I tried... no matter what angle I took the photo... no matter how I moved the earrings around, and the necklace up or down... it looked like the face of a deranged cookie monster.

"C" is for "color" AND "cookies"!

Fortunately, it does not have this same effect while on a person. I speak from experience on this.

However, I will have to be EXCEPTIONALLY careful when I put them on display these for sale. No need to scare the customers away from the booth...

Day Nine, Doing Fine!

So I had this whole post written up yesterday-- and my CrapTop died on me before it went online. I think I actually cried...

So even though this is *technically* not-yesterday, I did actually make the earrings yesterday... and I did actually blog. So I'm still in the running. YAY ME!

Not that there's anyone else I'm competing with... -_-

Anyway, I'm writing this from a bus, so this post will have to be short & sweet. Here are the earrings!

... and since this is my first time posting from the iPhone Blogger app, I have no idea how this will work, or if it will work. All I know is that I'll probably have to edit it when I get home, to make it look the way I like. Perfectionist, schmerfectionist...