Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day Twenty-Nine, Time to Shine!

Wow... you all must have been hitting the refresh button HARD... I'm almost to 1,000 page views! Which means I'll be posting all about this special giveaway tomorrow. I can't wait!

To tide everyone over, here are the earrings of the day:

Trusty old teacup~! This one probably shows off the color best...

But THIS photograph probably best shows off the marbleized detailing in the agate.
The color of the square agate is actually more of a deep purple, and the round agate is more of a bright pink/magenta.
So as you may have surmised through my comments under the photos, this pair was made with two tones of agate-- pink on the top, and purple on the bottom. Both of them have a marbleized effect; the pink sphere has undertones of red and purple, and the purple square has accents of tan and deeper purple.

I'm hoping to get to do a great deal of artwork tomorrow-- earrings and jewelry and clay and resin, oh my! And most importantly, I will almost assuredly be posting all about a special giveaway tomorrow. Keep your eyes and ears peeled~ as I frequently say, stolen from a favorite show of mine~ same Bat Time, same Bat Channel~!

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