Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day Fifteen... My Energy is Lean...

Today was very fun, and incredibly busy, but not too productive. One of my very dear friends came over today for what we call "Girly Crafty Day"-- a day where we sit and talk and create whatever inspires us that day!

Or, better put, we originally INTENDED to have said "Girly Crafty Day."

Instead, we ended up watching a documentary (one of my favorites-- "Babies"!) and some TV episodes (introduced her to "Bones")... then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and had a day of leisurely browsing. I talked to one store about potentially selling our jewelry, and bought three really cool books from the local used book store. I'll post about them quite soon~

In any case, here are the earrings for today. This pair is a little different than anything else I've made-- I used two translucent white seed beads and one large black angular seed bead to accent beautiful coral beads. I was lucky to find two pieces of approximately the same size and thickness and color-- almost as lucky as the person who will eventually get to wear them!

Yo-HO-HO and a... box of cigars?
They kind of look like dutch shoes here...
And like a skirt here. Such versatility!

As you can see, the camera is all better now-- hip Hip HOORAY!-- so I'll be taking LOTS of photos tomorrow. Yay! *waves flag*

Hope everyone is having a great week so far... one more day is through!

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