Monday, March 12, 2012

Day Twelve- I Truly Delve!

So, first things first~ the earrings of the day!

Today's pair is a special request from a friend of mine. These are brass wires, wrapped in a spiral, and ending in an onyx teardrop. I plaon recreating these in sterling silver quite soon~ and while I know that you all think the model is OH SO ATTRACTIVE, this photo doesn't show the detail as well as I'd like... so more photographs will be attached tomorrow.

And now for something completely different.

I wanted to thank all my friends and family, and those who have visited me here, for being so supportive. Since posting about my health a couple weeks ago, I have received so much love from so many people, both on here and in real life. It means the world to me, and keeps me smiling when things get hard. Since then, as always, I have had good days and bad days... and the thing that keeps me going when things get tough is the idea that I will always have people in my life who support what I do.

When Hubby and I were watching Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix, and reliving our youth, the Vulcan character (Tuvok) said something that truly resonated within me. I was surprised to enjoy a quote from this particular character, since I am pretty much the anti-Vulcan for the most part.

"Do not mistake composure for ease." 

My life has challenges, but I always try to hold myself together as well as I can. I always try to keep my head up, and keep going. Many people say that they would never have known that I was unwell, had I not told them. I don't like to complain, and I don't enjoy showing my weaknesses to people. Some seem to think that because I don't show these feelings, that I'm perfectly fine.

Even when I'm at my worst-- no, ESPECIALLY when I'm feeling my worst-- I always try to make things seem much better than they truly are.

This does not mean that I feel any less unwell... just that I try to hold myself together as best I can. And the two things that truly help me to do that, are the important people in my life, and my art. Those two things help me keep my composure through the worst of times.

What inspires *you* to keep going, when all you want to do is stop? <3

4 friends stopped by to chat:

YNP.214 said...

I really like it! I can hardly wait to see the silver ones as you know silver is my favorite

BTW, You help us as much as yo say we help you!

Julia said...

Actually, I was all set to make them in silver, but then remembered that my silver wire is actual Sterling Silver... not the kind of thing that you use when you're testing out a design~!

I'm glad you like these... I actually nickname most of my designs, and this one will be known as "Eagle Eye"! Because the black onyx bead looks like the eye in your photo, with the swirl of brass for the pupil. It reminds me a lot of your avatar!

... unless, of course, you think another name would be more fitting... ^.-

YNP.214 said...

Awwww.......I am honored! Can hardly wait for the photos so I can "see" it better!

shelly said...

just stopping by... love the earring! and... the model is lovely, too!

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