Monday, April 16, 2012

A to Z, 2012-- M and N is for...

Medicine. New Medicine, to be specific.

Okay, so it's probably not the most exciting or inspired thing that I could post about. Actually, I had intended for my M post to be all about my Mommy... before the new M-word took over.

When I realized I wouldn't be able to write anything deep or emotional, I started to write about My Favorite Things. But again, my M-word took over my life and made it nigh impossible to write.

Mother Superior is not amused. "Shame on you!" she seems to say.
Regarding the letter N, the same thing happened. I had a whole other post that I got about halfway done~ see, I went shopping the other day and got lots of NEW and fun things to show off~ so *that* was what I was desperately trying to write about! On one hand, the word is still the same, so that's a win for me. On the other, this post has no resemblance to my original idea, so I'm not sure how happy I am about that part.

So here's the skinny. Those who have followed my blog for a bit now, know that I am dealing with chronic pain that seriously affects my quality of life. We're talking excruciating pain of the "every day of my life" variety. I have Endometriosis, plain and simple, and there is no real cure for my condition... or at least, none that are viable options for the way it has uniquely manifested itself in my body.

Because there is no real cure, my doctors are just managing my pain as best as they can. The past couple months have been exceptionally hard-- I was bed-ridden for weeks at a time, and I reached a point where my "bad" health days outnumbered the "good" ones. So my doctor prescribed a new medicine to try and keep those higher levels of pain in check.

After a couple days of trying it out, I'm pleased to say that the medicine DOES lower my pain levels. It's making the whole thing much more manageable-- instead of being bed-ridden I can actually get things done!

... Well... theoretically I would be able to get things done.

Reality, however, is a different story.

The new medicine is designed to combine with a different prescription of mine-- they enhance each other's effects and make both more effective. Unfortunately the combination makes me all kinds of dizzy and fuzzy, and it's not easy to get things done.

Despite all the side effects, however, taking the medicine it is much better than the alternative. I might not be as productive as I want to be, but I can at least get SOME things done~!

So here's to my New Medicine-- the letters M and N. See you all tomorrow for the next letter!

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Jeremy Bates said...

Yikes. I am glad to hear about your relief from enough pain to get some things done. Perhaps when you grow accustomed to the medicines you'll be good to go with no dizziness. Keep us up to date.

Mina Lobo said...

I am so sorry for your suffering. I join you in celebrating new medicines. My son's asthmatic and I often think with great sympathy on the poor folks who suffered through asthma before the advent of inhaled meds. I think the same of folks who've died from illnesses for which there are now antibiotics, etc.

I do hope that your new medicines work well for you and wish you the very best.

M. J. Joachim said...

Wishing you much less pain...stopping by from the A - Z Challenge:

Lori Anderson said...

Oh I hear you about chronic pain. I write about that throughout my blog, although a few people think I shouldn't. But it's part of who we are, isn't it?

SherryE said...

Sorry to hear about your chronic pain. That must be awful to live with. I hope your new medicine gives you relief.

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