Wednesday, April 25, 2012

3rd Do-Over Challenge-- REVEAL/PARTY!

... Okay, so I feel like a complete moron. I totally thought the hop/reveal was today-- so I'm a day late to the party!
(Next time I should probably write the deadline on my calendar, instead of in my head...)
It's all for the best, really. I wasn't feeling that great yesterday, health-wise, so I spent the whole day recuperating and resting. I'm feeling much better today-- albeit a little sheepish about the mix-up.

So I have been RIDICULOUSLY excited about this reveal. A while back, I received a package in the mail~ a necklace from Jeannie, as a participant in her third do-over challenge. All of us who participated, received one of her older pieces, one that she made when she first started doing jewelry-- in her words, an "old, tired piece" that she "won't" sell-- and our challenge was to transform it into something different and new.

Here is the piece I received:

The glass colors are VERY subtle-- I had to put the piece against my watercolor paper, to show the color of the piece! In reality, it's much less bright. It's more like a watered-down shade, more like a white glass with a slight tint of color.
I loved the construction of her necklace, but the beads themselves were very pale-- and those who know me, know that I don't "do" pale pieces. I love color, and love bright things. It was definitely a challenge for me! But here is the piece that it became:

I figured, since I photographed the original on plain paper, it's only fair to do the same to mine~
I absolutely LOVE this necklace, and I'm so proud of myself! I had never done the wrapping technique used in both her necklace and mine, so it was quite the learning experience for me. I used brass wire and brass links-- and in addition to the faceted glass from Jeannie's piece, I threw in some crystal beads (faceted, slightly smaller-- you can see them flanking the off-white and blue beads) that I got from Suma and some beads that were VERY special to me!

I was so proud of this piece that as soon as I finished it, I woke Hubby up to show him!
The small square beads (between the green, purple, pink and blue ones) were absolutely perfect for this, since they only came in those four colors! I got them *years* ago, when I was only twelve-- my grandmother gave me a gift card to a bead shop near her house, but the items I sold back then weren't "right" for the beads. I've held onto them for years, waiting to find the right project to use them. And I am SO GLAD for that... because they were beyond perfect for this necklace!!!

You can see the square beads and the small faceted crystals much better in these next couple of photos~
I wish I remembered what the squares were made out of!
Oh, and I almost forgot-- in addition to doing over Jeannie's jewelry, I also took apart one that my mom gave me-- the large amber-colored glass beads, between the blues towards the bottom, were taken from a bracelet that was past its prime:

It's got three sections to it, design-wise~ this is one side, the one I took the beads from! See what I mean?
The center cabochon and brass focal bead is another "special" item for me. A local handmade jeweler used to sell her items once a year out of her house, and my mom and I always went. She was so impressed with my interest in the jewelry that she gave me (and I bought) BAGS full of metal pieces that were fixed up by her. This center piece was one of them-- like the square beads, it was one of those things that I'd held on to, waiting for the perfect piece of jewelry to come along. And here it was, and here it is!

Close-up of the focal "bead"-- it's more like a component, but details-shmetails...
I absolutely love this piece-- I am so proud of myself and of the work! I was originally planning on selling the finished piece, but now that I've seen it I think I'm going to keep it for my own collection. I have a few outfits that will be completely completed by this-- and I put aside a few purple beads to put together some earrings, to match! I just have to wait for some brass ear wires to arrive...

Looks like it's time for me to do some hopping, and catch up on the A to Z when I'm done with that~ see you later!

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Michelle Mach said...

I love the brightness you added to the necklace! I also love that you used beads from your childhood. It's true that sometimes it does take years to find the perfect piece for certain beads, but it's always worth the wait.

MamaNeeds2Create said...

Really fabulous job!

Alesha Kay said...

This is such a great necklace! I'm so glad that you are going to keep yours, because I am totally keeping mine too...I just liked it that much!

The colors you added to this are great, and the focal bead is AHmazing! Congrats on this really great necklace! (And it will be so nice to have earrings to go along with it, too!)

Alesha Kay

Cindy said...

Julie, I really enjoyed your challenge post. I can just hear your excitement about your piece as I read the words...and for good reason! Your necklace turned out so beautiful. The wire wrapped chain is great- with all of the colors, it will go with just about anything. The focal piece that you held on to is perfect for it. I can see why you plan to keep it! Kudos to you! :-)

Marlene Cupo said...

With all the meaning behind the beads you used for the do-over, it could only have true significance to you and glad you are keeping it for yourself, although ANYONE would love to have this beautiful necklace. Kudos!

JeannieK said...

Great Job Julia, the pendant was a nice added touch. So happy you got your post up.

Molly Alexander said...

What a beautiful necklace - I would never have known you hadn't used the wire wrapping technique before. I love the bright colors and the gorgeous focal. Great job! :)

Dozy said...

If you can tolerate a comment from a klutz of another religion (I'm a guy) it's beautiful, Julia. Certainly qualifies as art in my book.

Lori Anderson said...

The beads you added made everything pop and glitter! I like the pendant, too.

~pamela said...

LOVE the necklace....LOVE the focal piece....and I completely understand "special" beads!!!! kindred spirits!

shelly said...

i love it! the colors are so bright and happy. the focal is beautiful.. i love to hear your stories about where your components come from! great job, pal!

Misha Gericke said...

I love how the square beads just light up the pale ones.

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