Saturday, April 21, 2012

A to Z, 2012-- S is for...


Alright, you knitters out there know *exactly* what I'm talking about... you non-knitters are probably scratching your heads in utter confusion.

When you knit, you sometimes need to mark your place in the pattern. You do this when you need to know where to increase or decrease the number of stitches that you have, like when you're knitting up a sweater-- or when you need to mark where to start an intricate lace pattern on a scarf-- or when you need to mark the beginning of a new round of stitches on your sock, hat, or fingerless mitts.

I use stitch markers almost all the time. I love to knit "in the round," especially on double-pointed needles, so I'm always running out of them.

My knitting friends are always improvising when it comes to these important tools. Some friends make a loop out of a scrap of yarn that contrasts with whatever fabric you are currently using. Other friends use safety pins, and others still use washers from the hardware store. Chances are, if you know a knitter, he or she has something special that is used for marking stitches.

Ever since getting into jewelry design, I've thought about making them... but I always had something holding me back. But when my mother-in-law brought home two handmade stitch markers, given as a parting gift when she took a knitting class, my competitive edge kicked into gear. I instantly thought, "Hm.... they're cute, but I could TOTALLY do a better job with the construction!"

So I did. And here is the result:

Six little stitch markers, all in a row!
Here it is, on the needles~
I plan on selling these, and others like them, at the next market day. I couldn't find the "right" beads for this project, aside from the ones I used... and while I love these, I don't want a million "clones" in all the colors of the rainbow. Or better put, I'd like to do that in ADDITION TO other styles. Variety being the spice of life, and all.

So there you go. Would you use them? Would you buy them for a knitting friend? Or do you make them too? Knitters and non-knitters, let me know what you think!

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Rita said...

I haven't knitted for years since I got muscle damage to my left arm, but I remember stitch markers from when I used to do cable stitching. These are very pretty. As long as they don't catch in the yarn, they'd be beautiful to use. Best of luck with them! What a clever idea!!! :)

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